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Eldon Bowman

ELDON BOWMAN died in New Albany,  August 26, 2012  following a long term illness.  He is survived by one daughter.

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05/21/13 10:13 AM #1    

Stephen Anshutz

From the newspaper files of the Indiana Room at the New Albany library, I see that Eldon died on Aug. 26, 2012 here in New Albany after battling several health issues for a long time.  No survivors were named, though from other sources I know he had a daughter, and was divorced in 1969. Beyond that, I know nothing at all.  Though he apparently is considered Class of '63, you won't find him in the Vista for that year, and I was never aware of him at all during high school years. He just seems to have slipped through the cracks. What I DO remember is Eldon during our years at Spring Street Junior High.  He was tall and thin, and very much what I guess we would have called a "hood" back then--black leather jacket and all.  I was a nurd, and supposedly a "brain"--though the real truth was that I just spent an inordinate number of hours on homework every night, trying to prove something, since I was not at all athletic.  Two people couldn't have been more different--and yet, somehow, we were aware of each other.  No one could have been kinder or more polite than Eldon, and in spite of our "different images," he became someone that I looked forward to seeing.  I was such a mess in so many ways at that time, I have always been afraid that I didn't let him know how much I respected him.  Thinking of the upcoming reunion, he was someone I looked forward to seeing again.  That won't be possible, and I feel compelled to say that back in 1957-59 he was probably far "more of a person" than I was.  Thanks, Eldon, for one of those early "lessons in living."  May you have found peace.   

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